Carton Vault is developed by a group of passionate IT professional who grown up in Hong Kong. We started our business as a system integrators and IT consultants. We started to work on Carton Vault because of the demand from our customers.

We are committed to create a solution that address one of the issues we all face: too many data nowadays, we need a place to back them up and forget about them. However, we need a way to retrieve them when I need them.

That's what Carton Vault is designed to do.

Design Objectives

Carton Vault is designed to address the following requirements

  • Provide a means to backup historical data in a reasonable price
  • Address the need for storing second or third copy of in another physical location easily
  • Easy access of historical information

The Solution

We provide solution for the following scenario

  • Eliminate the needs for file-based archive, like PST
  • Storing a second or even third copy of Cloud data, like Office 365
  • Easy access of historical information


Cloud Storage

All the data are stored in cloud storage provided by Microsoft or Amazon. This ensure the availability and security of your data.

Content Sharing

We provide the ability to share the email and other content stored in Carton Vault to external users securely without allowing them access the raw data.

Comprehensive Search Support

All the data would be indexed by our search engine (including email attachments) which provides you the ability to search the data by doing a simple keywords search.

Download Original

All the data would be stored in either open format (like .EML for email) or original format (.DOCX for word documents). This ensure no data lost during backup

Continuous Backup

Our backup engine runs 24x7 to backup your data to ensure a copy of the data is kept in our database within reasonable period since the data arrive the source system.

Multiple Storage Support*

We support storing the data in our managed cloud. We also support Bring Your Own Storage or your own Azure/Amazon storage to help you optimize the storage cost.

* Coming Later This Year.



per user per month
  • 10GB of Carton Vault Managed Storage
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Backup of Email Messages for major email platform (Exchange, Office 365, Gmail*, POP*/IMAP)
  • Additional storage charges USD1.00 per GB per month
  • 7 x 24 Basic Support
  • 14 days trial
Binrg Your Own Storage
per mailbox per month
  • All Personal Plan, Plus
  • Support Backup SharePoint
  • Office 365 integrations
  • Ability to use your own Microsoft Azure/Amazon AWS storage
  • 14 days trial

* Coming Later This Year

Product Updates

  • NOV 2016

    Initial Version Created

    A working prototype and sync engine is created and used internally. Support backing up on-perm Exchange and Office 365 email only.

  • FEB 2017

    Launch Private Beta

    We had put our engine and services into a cloused private test to ensure the quality and functionalities is up to customer's expectations.

  • JUL 2017

    First Public Version Launched

    Open for public to allow users to register and start using the services for backing up Exchange/Office 365 emails.




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